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Are you ready for your life and bank account to sparkle as brightly as you do?

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Do you want to “adult” in a way that feels fun and effortless?

I’m inviting you to live a magical life without having to rely on magical thinking. This is serious business with a hint of whimsy!

Together we can take a bite out of your fear and doubt so that you can move towards financial freedom today!

So what is the Sharktress Success School??

This monthly subscription will give you access to financial tools and a content-rich library of short videos and mini courses to expand your money mindset and empower yourself for financial success sooner! There are new videos and courses added monthly.

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FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Your ultimate personal power to live the life you love comes from taking control of your money. If you want to break free and be healed from your financial pains as well as reach new, higher goals then meet Galit Tsadik, the FINancial Sharktress.

Renew your hopes & dreams as you hear about her powerful journey from "abuse to abundance" for financial independence. Because of domestic violence in her home as a child, she vowed never to hand over her money and power like her exploited mother and to help other women find their power by taking control of their money.

Today, Galit is the founder & SHE.E.O. of FINancial Sharktress, as well as her namesake company, Tsadik G. Management and a respected money expert. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, she helps passion-based entrepreneurs transform their businesses and lifestyles by facing their fears and revealing her 'S-H-A-R-K' money wisdom to win their financial freedom!

As an animal lover and champion of the oceans, she was terrified of real-life sharks, so Galit pushed herself and went on a CAGE-LESS shark dive with tons of sharks swimming all around, with no protection. She faced her fear head on, saw they didn't want to eat her, and even asserted herself in their domain.
Many now benefit from her new-found spiritual connection and identity as the FINancial Sharktress! Discover how to seize your financial opportunities fearlessly with shark-like swiftness, sleekness & elegance like Galit so that you can live your dreams starting today!

Course Curriculum

  Sharktress Success School
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Courses Included with Purchase

My Morning Abundance Ritual
Use this easy 4 step process to channel abundance into your life every morning!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Money Meditation with Abundance Incantation & Affirmations
A relaxing money meditation to channel abundance
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
10 Ways to Find Extra Cash
10 ways you can find EXTRA CASH without cutting expenses!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
FINancial Sharktress's Money Monsoon Income Tracker
Track your income like a BADA$$ 🦈 Shark
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Sharky Goal Setting Tool + My Money Ocean Goals Spreadsheet
Set goals like a BADA$$ 🦈 Shark with this easy step by step process and speadsheet!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Create Your Blissfully Beachy Budget!
Everything you need to create your very own Blissfully Beachy Budget!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
How to identify Wants VS Needs VS Must Haves!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik
Graduate from College with little to no debt!
Everything you need to know about funding your college education!
FINancial Sharktress Galit Tsadik

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