5-Week Illuminate Your Money Shadows Workshop

Release Your Money Shadows & Set Yourself Up for Total Financial Freedom in 2022!

Let's set the scene for ya!

Imagine being able to feel completely at peace when you pay bills and make purchases

Imagine feeling safe around money and knowing that you have the power to not just make more money (but also to hold more money in your life too!)

Imagine having the exact tools and wealth codes that set you up for TOTAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM for the long term!

This isn't just a vision on your vision board. This is a reality that can happen when you do the work of releasing your money shadows and following the way of the Sharktress!

But first, we got to illuminate those money shadows!

Ready to Illuminate the Money Shadows that have been blocking you from Total Financial Freedom?

Join my 5-Week Illuminate Your Money Shadows Workshop


This is a 5-week nervous-system friendly coaching experience to help you shine a light on your money shadows so you can step into your most prosperous self in 2022!

Week One: Past Year in Money Shadow Review:

Looking back at the year and figuring out what has gone well and what hasn’t financially. What needs to change for you to feel better.

Week Two: BITE-Size Your Goals & Integrate Your Vision into Your Everyday Life:

Learn the Sharktress Method to planning goals & bringing vision boards into the 3D that will create a tidal wave of prosperity, abundance, and cash flow in your life

Week Three: Money Nervous System and Feeling Safe around money ( from “Not Enough” to “More than Enough”):

What are the things that I have been taught about money and how do we nip that in the bud. Turning money fears into money bliss. Share common limiting beliefs and how to break through them.

Week Four: The Mindset of Paying Yourself First:

You’ll learn how to pay yourself first before you pay everyone else and start paying into your goals, investments, and retirement

Week Five: How the Financially-Free think:

You’ll learn the mindset of financial independence and new programmable beliefs to create your own wealthy money mindset

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start and finish?
This is a self-paced digital course that you can go through at your own pace. It can start as soon as you access the course or whenever you choose -- personally the content in this course is so good you're going to want to jump right in!
What will I have access to by choosing to participate?
Access to previously recorded FB LIVES in Galit's Facebook Group Community, Righteous Revenue Fishbowl. This 5-Week Workshop is going to support you with feeling safe around money so you can expand your capacity to receive and hold more money in your life!

Your ultimate personal power to live the life you love comes from taking control of your money. If you want to break free and be healed from your financial pains as well as reach new, higher goals then meet Galit Tsadik, the FINancial Sharktress. Renew your hopes & dreams as you hear about her powerful journey from "abuse to abundance" for financial independence. Because of domestic violence in her home as a child, she vowed never to hand over her money and power as well as to help others find their power by taking control of their money. Today, Galit is the founder & SHE.E.O. of FINancial Sharktress, as well as her namesake company, Tsadik G. Management and a respected money expert. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, she helps people transform their lives by facing their fears and revealing her 'S-H-A-R-K' money wisdom to win their financial freedom! As an animal lover and champion of the oceans, she was terrified of real-life sharks, so Galit pushed herself and went on a CAGE-LESS shark dive with tons of sharks swimming all around, with no protection. She faced her fear head on, saw they didn't want to eat her, and even asserted herself in their domain. Many now benefit from her new-found spiritual connection and identity as the FINancial Sharktress! Discover how to seize your financial opportunities fearlessly with shark-like swiftness, sleekness & elegance like Galit so that you can live your dreams starting today!